Author: Robert Gerard Hunt

Hostel Is A Homophone

The bridge from Sandy Hook to Harpers Ferry…and also from lunacy to sanity. “Nothing just happens!  Nothing just happens!” thundered the evangelizing voice of T.D. Jakes as I gnawed on fried chicken from the comfort of my hotel bed.  The congregation shouted its approval of their leader’s assertion that there is no such thing as a […]

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Trumpet Lessons

The bane of my adolescent existence. Black Monday. My parents were disappointed with the label I had affixed to the evenings on which my trumpet lessons were scheduled.  Having spent a good deal of money to purchase the instrument itself, they no doubt would have been pleased had their son expressed any measure of gratitude […]

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Loving In Fall

Mom and me, 1971 I don’t remember taking a walk along a lake with my mother on a chilly fall day, but the gentle moment is documented in a faded color photograph.  I was no more than a toddler at the time.  Looking at it now, I can imagine how fresh and exhilarating the sensation […]

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