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Julie and I saw all 14 of the films that received Best Picture and acting nominations this year. All of them were good, and a few of them were great. Here are my thoughts about each movie, presented in order from least-favorite to most-loved.

For the Record

Never again will our culture know one of the signature pleasures of my childhood: perusing vinyl record racks. Certainly there’s no shortage of LPs, which have gained credibility as objects of desire among the hipster set. But I’m not talking about today’s readily available assortment of used records, overpriced reissues and expensive new releases on..

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Living With Depression

Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with dysthymic disorder, a chronic condition that is considered less severe than clinical depression yet typically features similar symptoms that exist over a greater period of time. Prior to my diagnosis, I had likely endured dysthymia for five to seven years with very little therapeutic and no medical intervention…

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