My second album of self-produced and solo-performed original material, EYES ON ME is an emotionally raw and heartbreakingly honest account of a contemporary struggle for sanity.

The title came to me in an instant and inspired everything that followed. “Eyes on me” is something that a teacher might say to focus students’ attention. It also describes the feeling that accompanies being evaluated or judged. In addition, it’s a subtler reference to paranoia. All of these concepts are directly relevant to my experiences. Creating this album was a true catharsis.

Stylistically a departure from my previous effort, FLATLAND, this album nevertheless showcases the unique blend of introspection, humor and insight that makes my work what it is. It’s the next step, a chance to apply what I’ve learned.


  1. All the Work You Do
  2. Alive
  3. Monday Morning
  4. Eyes on Me 
  5. Don’t Go Away
  6. Captivated 
  7. Frying Pan
  8. It’s Only Me
  9. Down Down
  10. Voices

Download the free 16-page EYES ON ME booklet.

EYES ON ME was released on June 1, 2018 and is available across all digital platforms, including Amazon and iTunes.