Released on July 28, 2017, FLATLAND is Robert Gerard Hunt’s debut album. However, its quirky mix of genres – everything from rock and latin to funk and the blues – reflects many years of songwriting and a lifetime of musical influences.

“There’s a thematic thread that runs through the album,” explains Robert. “Each song has some relevance to my experiences in and around Lima, Ohio, which is the small town where I was born and raised. That part of Ohio was once compressed by glacial ice, which pretty much flattened it, hence the title.”

From its opening title track, which features an inverted and backward reading of Robert’s high school alma mater, to a concluding funky homage to his brothers and their friends who inspired his musical creativity, FLATLAND runs the gamut of its maker’s emotions. Introspection, regret, satire, love, nostalgia, humor, vulnerability, playfulness, heartbreak – they’re all here.

In this age of crowd-created solo projects, FLATLAND stands out as an example of what one man can do. Robert wrote and arranged all of the material, played all of the instruments, sang all the vocals, recorded and mixed it himself, and he designed the album’s accompanying 16-page digital booklet. It’s as pure an artistic expression as it gets.


  1. Flatland
  2. Who Killed Little Bobby?
  3. Lock Her Up
  4. I Could Have Loved You
  5. Red Summer Skies
  6. Colonel Mustard Blues
  7. Stardust Madeliene
  8. Last Summer
  9. I Didn’t Do It For You
  10. Lima Boys

You can download the 16-page FLATLAND digital booklet for free right here.

You can buy FLATLAND as a digital download from CD BabyAmazon MP3, and iTunes.