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Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis?!

Gripe all you want about the name change, but Sears Tower never had the Ledge. I assume that the majority of humanity sympathizes with my distaste for the proliferation of corporate naming rights and the way this trend has altered tradition in the name of better market branding. Whether it’s a renamed annual event or..

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Still Standing Tall

Street Player, the new autobiography from former Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine, immediately grabs the reader’s attention with a riveting introduction:  the frantic musician’s arrival at the tragic aftermath of bandmate Terry Kath’s self-inflicted, fatal gunshot.  Following the conventions of modern memoir, this fascinating glimpse is only a snapshot of what is to come, and the clock..

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The Honeymooners

A scene from a Hollywood classic?  No, it’s only Mom and Dad. On September 27, 1952, a young couple from Lima, Ohio boarded a Pennsylvania Railroad Company train bound for Chicago to celebrate their honeymoon.  Mature enough to marry yet still literal teenagers, the 19-year-old newlyweds must have felt very grown up as they sped toward the..

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