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Con Market…Manet Cork…Knot Cream…

The human brain, that incessant maker of meaning and perceiver of patterns, is wont to seek engagement rather than endure monotony. Even when there is little at hand to provide mental stimulation, the mind will resourcefully make do with whatever it finds. I am reminded of a particular instance of this phenomenon that occurred, of..

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Death By Piano

With brotherhood, from C to shining C. Among the indignities that Brian suffered during his teenage years, accompanying his kid brother to our piano lessons must have been one of the most painful.  The eight years that separate us were a vast chasm in those days, and we had little in common beyond our genetics and..

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Group Dynamics

The Beatles:  indispensable leads, colorful supporting characters, and no extras? Imagine the public outrage that would ensue if Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were to announce their intention to reunite and tour as The Beatles.  Though they would have no trouble selling tickets, a critical consensus would condemn the endeavor as false advertising, even though the..

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