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Lost At Home

A last glimpse of civilization. You might think that a middle-aged man such as myself would have already taken to heart this rather obvious advice, but I should like to reiterate a helpful suggestion, as much for myself as for anyone else. Avoid unfamiliar shortcuts. Especially when you’re walking on a cloudless day when the..

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The Lawnmower Man

When I was a young teenager, I had the opportunity to make a few bucks mowing a lawn a few miles from our house.  The homeowner was out of town and didn’t want the yard to get overgrown in his absence.  My father drove me there and helped me get the mower started.  As I began to..

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Hot Hot Hot

Hot times on Beale Street, Memphis, 2006.  Note the pedestrians in long pants. It’s hot right now in the Midwest, though nowhere near as steamy as the triple-digit extremes that the unfortunate citizens of our Eastern Seaboard are experiencing.  Nevertheless, once the temperature tops 90° Fahrenheit and surpasses that benchmark on a daily basis, those..

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