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I Saw Her Standing There

Rube Ascending a Staircase (2015) “She’s a genius!” proclaimed Brian with equal parts amusement and resignation. I smiled at my brother, well aware of his traditional disdain for the artist in question. He hadn’t exactly changed his aesthetic opinion, I knew, but now it was augmented by a measure of respect for savvy business acumen. […]

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Great Albums: A Parodic Quartet

I love music, and I have a special affection for cleverly written, expertly performed, lovingly produced tunes that not only deliver the musical goods but also take a satirical jab at convention with a dry sense of humor. Fitting that bill perfectly are the songs on four very different albums that never fail to amuse […]

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Group Dynamics

The Beatles:¬† indispensable leads,¬†colorful supporting characters, and no extras? Imagine the public outrage that would ensue if Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were to announce their intention to reunite and tour as The Beatles.¬† Though they would have no trouble selling tickets, a critical consensus would condemn the endeavor as false advertising, even though the […]

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