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Encamped at opposite poles of the English-speaking world are extremists whose habits annoy the general population. At one end are those who are either profoundly ignorant of correct usage or completely indifferent to it. Tell one of them that he just misused the possessive your in place of the contraction you’re, and he may clap..

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When our eldest daughter was quite young, my wife supplemented our income by providing child care in our home. Amber seemed to enjoy the company of her daily playmates, one of whom was a boy her age named Dylan. The two of them got along well, whether they were building with cardboard bricks or guiding..

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Cause And Effect

A golf ball sails across the fairway.  A loaf of bread rests upon the cutting board in two neat halves.  A balloon explodes as a child inflates it.  Each of these scenarios suggests an obvious cause:  A golfer has swung a club at the ball, a baker has applied a bread knife to the loaf, the child..

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