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For years, Brian and I had little to say to each other due to the icy chasm of our eight years difference in age. We had few common interests, after all. Not until I reached adolescence did our cold war start to thaw, a more or less civil diplomacy emerging in the unlikeliest of venues:..

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Turkey Bowl

November 24, 1983: Muddied combatants pose before heading home for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a sacred tradition for a number of years, a ritual no less important to its participants than the national holiday on which it occurred. Every Thanksgiving morning at 9:00, a ragtag group of brothers and friends assembled on a frozen field..

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The Reluctant Athlete

If gloves could talk…this one wouldn’t have much to say. “You want me to play softball in a prison?” I asked incredulously. “I know,” said Brian in a calm tone that resonated with sympathy and reassurance.  We both knew that my objection had little to do with the unusual venue, and it was painfully obvious that he..

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