Between The Lines

USA TODAY buries the lede under a Black History Month logo.

Of Course We’re Going To Riot

Not in the name of civil rights or social justice, but because their football coach was fired.

Kasich Threatens To Hold Breath

Satire from back in the halcyon days before John Kasich became the voice of reason in the GOP.

Remember The Alamo? How About The Titanic?

Tragedy plus time equals…what, exactly?

Taking A Giant Step For Granted

When achieving the impossible fails to impress.

Sunday With Art And Barack

That would be Spiegelman and Obama, both of whom visited Ohio State on the same day.

Governor Strickland…In The Library…With The Budget Axe

The shameful disregard of our state legislature for public libraries.

Independence Day

Freedom through newspaper subscription cancelation.

Take Me To Your Liter

The metric system was supposed to be fully implemented in the United States by now.

(Also available on audio.)

No Gutzon, No Glory

Mount Rushmore: iconic, impressive…and complicated.

The Price of Vandalism

An open letter to an arsonist.